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Moorcroft Vase - Broomy Wood

Moorcroft Pottery, 'Broomy Wood' Vase by Rachel Bishop. 138/12

Stock Ref: DU018

Limited Edition - No. 139 of 150

"Broomy Wood is a magical enclosure in the New Forest in the South of England. Surrounded by heather plains, visitors walking in this ancient woodland will discover an undisturbed paradise, with something quintessentially English in it's feel. It is a peaceful and tranquil place, transformed in springtime into a canopy of green trees, with a delicate carpet of vibrant bluebells. Rachel has, for many years, eagerly anticipated the arrival of spring, whose gentle warmth has enabled her to walk through Broomy Wood, a place where her imagination has run riot. Whilst cool and secluded by day, Rachel often wondered how atmospheric Broomy Wood would be by moonlight, and so she created this elegant vase, named after the wood itself, with it's haunting pale-blue moon and moonlit landscape. "

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