Moorcroft Plaque - The Hamlet

Moorcroft Pottery, 'The Hamlet' Plaque by Kerry Goodwin. PLq6 - 16x16cm

Stock Ref: DU057

"When it made its first appearances, a large part of the popularity of Art Nouveau was due to the fact that its graphic style was very suitable for advertising posters. Hardly a romantic start, and as a result, designs featured biscuits and chocolates right through to magazine covers and, more famously, Absinthe. Since then, the Art Nouveau style fast became a way of life. What better way to communicate this than by adopting the artistic genre into a silent scene of a rural hamlet?

We have already learned from Kerry’s Town of Flowers about her astounding ability to compliment buildings with flowers in an Art Nouveau manner. The Hamlet relies on a less potent, linear style and instead, we see hallmark curves in the design on a celadon body, flooded in the deepest, hypnotic blues and purples which once so gracefully adorned Town of Flowers. The Hamlet is the child of the town."


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