We love dressing up and are constantly surrounded by creative people, so we've done many collaborations with aspiring talent from the local University for the Creative Arts, to produce fashion and lifestyle photo-shoots. These have been done using our immense collection of vintage clothing, antiques, collectables and our beautiful listed building. 

We are currently working closely with our creative friends and customers to piece together a series of photographs which re-create moments from some of the world's most iconic and much-loved films. This is a great way to showcase our massive collection of items across the ages, in the setting of some of our most beloved cinema classics.

Have a look here at our current shoots and keep an eye out for more to come!


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Local creative and beauty, Zara Carpenter, portrays Christopher Isherwood's 'Sally Bowles' immortalised in the film 'Cabaret!' by Liza Minnelli. Set in Berlin during the early nineteen-thirties, Germany's underground renaissance spread it's wings, drawing the young literary talent, Isherwood to the secret cabaret clubs, where he met the charismatic Jean Ross, who would later become the inspiration for one of his greatest pieces of work.

Zara Carpenter as 'Sally Bowles'

Photography by Paul Astley

Styling and Direction by Richard Parson

All clothing and set courtesy of Fieldstaff Antiques




The abdication of King Edward VIII rocked the British Empire at the time the world was poised for the outbreak of the Second World War. He retired from public affairs in order to marry the twice-divorced American, Wallis Simpson, the love of his life. This was considered by many to be the biggest scandal in British history, but others thought their run-away relationship to be the love-story of the century, Wallis and Edward moved to France to live out the rest of their lives together in exile. Daisy Cummins portrays the infamous Wallis Simpson, accompanied by Jacob Howland as King Edward VIII. 

Daisy Cummins as Wallis Simpson

Jacob Howland as King Edward VIII

Photography by Paul Astley

Styling and Direction by Richard Parson

All clothing courtesy of Fieldstaff Antiques