Our Dickens Festival Bloggy-Wog.....

Phew...you might have noticed that it was the summer Dickens Festival last weekend which was a pretty hectic time for us. Thousands of visitors flock to Rochester to see the costumed characters , many of whom are our customers. We become a hub for Victorian ladies and gentlemen, making lots of tea and trying to provide those last minute costumed character requisites; sideburn glue etc! Have a look at the pictures here....just a few of our visitors over the weekend.

Dapper chaps from the Guildhall Museum!

The lovely Mrs R Baldwin with our Jane

Mr Steve Martin - man of many costumes! 

Mrs Dawn Howard & Mr John Howard

A fireman out of normal uniform!

Mrs Eve Luck & Mr Barrie Luck

A delightful lady from New Zealand

Christine Furminger - Friend of Rochester & looking lovely

Mr Barrie Luck Winner of The Best Dressed Gentleman Award 

Mr Nicholas Baines as Abel Magwitch Winner of The Best Dressed Character Award

Mr T C Knight - you look soooo grand!

Mr Nicolas Baines as a policeman this time!

Mr Robin Burford - Rochester's wonderful Town Crier

Mrs Pat Hulatt - all her own work!

Mrs Eve Luck & Mr Barrie Luck as John Brown

One of our favourite outfits - this lady is always beautifully dressed! 

Mr David Hawes - Magnificent!

Mr Nicolas Baines as Abel Magwitch with Mrs Sue Martin and Mr Steve Martin in yet another costume

The Howard Family - always wonderfully turned out!

To attention chaps  - you're on parade!

Our favourite fireman - in uniform this time!

What can I say about these two - Nancy with Barnaby Rudge and his rook....we love them!

Lucas our youngest customer and winner of The Best Dressed Baby Award...awwwww!!

It's that beautifully dressed lady again and her impeccably turned out husband!